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Hi, it's Naean here. I hope that you are doing well; thanks for checking me and my profile out! I'm a self-employed artist, photographer and merch seller. I also do various audio and video editing. An Autistic man who is incompatible with traditional jobs

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thx man :D

No problem! My pleasure, NewgroundsDummie!

Thank you for the comment!

heres some cool madness sprites i made <a href="http://files.filefront.com/madness+combat+sheetfla/;9571654;/fileinfo.html">http://files.filefront.com/madness+co mbat+sheetfla/;9571654;/fileinfo.html </a>

Hello, taco857!

Thank you for the 2 Madness Combat Resources!
They have been Added to my Collection of Resources!

Also, thank you for the comment!


I know! I'm building up quite a collection!

Thank you for the comment!

This is the second comment that uses lots of CAPS LOCK!

how can i get the music?

Hello, NewgroundsDummie.

Sorry, I cannot help you as your question:

"how do i get the music?"

is too vague. Please explain in more detail.

If you can send me a Newgrounds PM with your exact problem, issue or question, I'll see if I can help you out.

Cool.Now there's a place to download Krinkels music other then his site

Hello, ViniVidiVictory.

I know. People host a lot of them on FileFront, amongst other Websites, but FileFront seems to be the main hoster for all the Audio, and come to think of it, all the Sprites, too!

Thank you for the comment!

hay the links are broken?becouse i can't dowload him!

Hello, wizzzi.

Hmm, that's strange. I thought every Link worked, I double check each one!

If you could tell me which Links appear to be broken, I will gladly help you out.

I made a new Madness Inundation sheet. It's big, but sucks, but you should still check it out. :)

Hello, MisterRandomPerson.

Thank you for contributing Madness Combat Sprites! I will be sure to check it out!

Thank you for the comment!

Wow man you must of worked hard to get these. Well i getting Fash tomorrow so i will try out these sprites, they look and sound s aweosme :) thanks for uploading them dude :D

Hello, skywalker1993.

Yes, I worked very hard to get all these Resources and I am continuing to collect them!

I hope you like using the Audio and Sprites I have linked to, just don't forget to give Credit where it is due if you use these Resources in a Movie or Game of your own! I'm sure you will though!

Some of these Sprites are very big and are absolutely stuffed with loads and loads of Sprites!

I guess I feel good knowing that I am helping people find just the stuff they are looking for!

Thank you for the comment!

wow these sprites are usefull

Yeah they sure are!

Thank you for the comment!

Yo, im not sure which sheet, but some dude asked about ragtime sprites, theres one up there with em in it, its just called Madness combat sprites...

Do any of them work with MX 2004?

The sounds are great but I really need sprites for MX 2004 =[

Hi, MonkeyBoyAnimations!

I'm not sure if they are compatible with Macromedia Flash MX 2004 or not, because I use Macromedia Flash 8 for Flash Documents.

It appears that you have hit a Catch 22:

There are cool Sprites available, yet they aren't compatible with your version of Macromedia Flash.

Hmm. I'll see if I can find out a way around this problem other than you installing Macromedia Flash 8 on your Computer.

Epic. Win.

I agree 100%.

thx so much man. u da best. i ur #1 fan :D

Hi, NewgroundsDummie!

You are very welcome!

I'm the best? Thank you for such a great compliment!

Also, you're my Number 1 Fan?? COOL!

I couldn't ask for any more thumbs up! I really couldn't!

For all this, my NEW BEST FRIEND, I have added you to my Newgrounds Contacts!


need tricky madness sprites

Hi, Nuttro.

When you say you want Tricky Madness Sprites, do you mean you want Sprites from Tricky Bangbanggooberblatt? If so, there is a link to Tricky Bangbanggooberblatt Sprites on Sprite number 5.

If that's not what your looking for, post another comment here describing what kind of Tricky Sprites you want.

There are a lot of Sprites I've linked to that have different versions of Tricky from the White faced Tricky version to the Zombie Tricky version. You can find those Sprites on Sprite numbers 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

I hope this helps you!

sprites from Tricky Madness 2

I don't THINK I have any of those Sprites linked to here.

However, check out the Madness Combat Sprites from GunnerElite, as he has done some 'Everything' Madness Sprite Sheets. There may be Tricky Madness 2 Sprites in those Sprite files.

I hope this helps you!

Hi there, Nez. I've made a sheet containing all of Krinkels' weapons from his late movies.
<a href="http://www.savefile.com/files/1414866">http://www.savefile.com/files/1414866 </a>
Also, why does it say that Tazers provided the MC4 Sheet? I did EVERYTHING. I decompiled it, organized it, and uploaded it. Tazers just posted it.
The reason Supafly is in the credits is because i used some stuff from his sheet.

Hi, d00dfayz!

Thank you for these Sprites! Unfortunately, I cannot add them at this time. I will add them once I have a new computer!

I've added you to the MC4 Sheet, sorry about that!

Oopse, i didn't saw that &quot;Sprite collection paused thing. Hurry up with a new computer!

That's okay.

If you read the notice at the top of this News Post, you'll see when I'm getting a new computer.

Sorry that everything is paused right now, I assure you that I'll resume things once I have a new computer!

does it costs tell me

Hi, hankmc7!

All Resources linked to are 100% free to download and use! No licenses or purchases required!

The Madness Combat 2 Sprite Sheet I can't download for some reason. Please Reply. :)

Hi, FClock!

Three of the links were not valid because the Sprite Files had been renamed on FileFront, meaning that the address for each renamed file changed. I have corrected this problem and edited the addresses. The links should work now!

Thank you for notifying me of this problem!

I made a sound sheet.

<a href="http://savefile.com/projects/808614466">http://savefile.com/projects/80861446 6</a>

It's kinda unorganized because it's only an alpha (though I might never make a beta because of the super long uploading time, and that I couldn't upload it on Filefront 'cuz it's like 19,801 KB large). It's basically like Tazers's sheet except more unorganized and comes with MC8 sounds.
Tell me how much you hate it and how much you want me to stop wasting hours of my own time for this crap.

Hi, MisterRandomPerson!

Thank you for the sound sheet! I shall add it once I have my new computer.

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