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Oh my glorious God.

That was absolutely stunning.

This Is A Discrace. Unacceptable Upload.


That was a REAL bus crashing, so you are technically breaking Newgrounds rules because you uploaded a real video of a real bus crash, as Newgrounds strictly does not allow anything depicting real life violence, or similar. Besides, there appears to be no reason why you uploaded this video and you're hardly sending an 'In memory of.........' or 'May they rest in peace' message to go with this video.

I hope this submission is removed from Newgrounds, or blammed to nonexistence, or both, as it is just another pointless, asking 'BLAM ME!' Flash with no real intentions. Grand Theft Auto Games are fictional, and should NOT be mixed with real life footage of tragic incidents, vehicle crashes et cetera.

Also, if you respond saying that my Review is abusive or useless, that shows even stronger just how immature you are, not accepting you have uploaded a video in violation of Newgrounds rules.

if from your point of view and point of thinking seem to see no problems or issues with uploading a video including footage of a real bus crash and you cannot seem to see how heartless that is, maybe you should seek some serious help.

Please, do not post or upload anything of this nature again.

The sickest part of this is, is that you call it 'EPIC FOOTAGE'. Well, last time I checked, people dying, being put in hospital or experiencing a bus crash isn't called 'EPIC FOOTAGE'. It is called a sad, unfortunate incident that should never have occurred, not EPIC GTA FOOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Please remove this immediately from Newgrounds if possible! This is sick and wrong and I hope the reality of what you have uploaded hits you in the face one day! I really do!

> Nez Man

Heil responds:

nowhere in the rules does it say i cant


'I feel rather saw this morning'
'Wash clothes in real time!'

O.M.G. Classic. Love it! 10 / 10!

I give this a 5!


> Nez Man

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Nice Collection Of Sounds! Good Sound Quality!

Fantastic! The only slight glitch is the fact that the UH NO button doesn't highlight like all the other buttons when the curser hovers over it.

Aside that, a Great Sound Collection with Good, Clean Sound Quality. Nice Job!

> Nez Man

Challenging, but a very Good Game.

The only thing that bugged me a little was the fact that the 'Mission' word for each Level was cut off.

Cheats & Codes


There are Cheats & Codes for Madness Interactive at the following location:
forum.astalavista.ms/viewtopic .php?t=9455&start=0

Have Fun!

Nez Man

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9 out of 10.

This song captures the feel and atmosphere of aliens and the like. I like your choice of sounds in this. Well done.

The reason I gave this a Review Score of 9 and not 10 is because I feel the ending is too abrupt, and a remake of this that loops well would get a Review Score of 10 from me, or one that doesn't loop, but fades out nicely at the end.

I'm not sure whether this is Trance or not. It seems a bit more Ambient to me.

Also, MindChamber was out of order for leaving the review he did for this audio submission. This does NOT deserve a 0, nor should he have spoke to you like that here. He should've used the PM system to contact you about links in News Posts. I flagged his review as abusive and I hope it gets looked over by someone higher up in Newgrounds.

You did a good job on this. I hope to see more audio from you in the future! :-)

Stay safe! Regards,
> Nez Man.

Wriggle responds:

Thanks dude. This is the best review any of my audio has ever gotten!


This Submission violates one or more rules.

This song has been ripped directly from Sonic The Hedgehog 3: Ice Cap Zone - Act 1.

It quite clearly states this above the Submit! button on the Audio Submit Page:

Please Note: When you submit your audio, please be aware:

> You are making the legal claim that it is your own original work.

You have broken at least one legal claim, as this is the original theme.

No edits or changes were made on this ripped theme.

I have Sonic Mega Collection Plus and when Ice Cap Zone - Act 1 loads, this music theme here is the exact same music theme that plays on the game.

You should not have uploaded this Audio Submission, it is quite clearly ripped, which is against the rules here. You could submit your own remixed version of this, or any other song, as long as it is clear to hear that it is edited, or it is clear to hear you have built upon it.

To summarize:

Submitting an original Audio piece which isn't your work, that has just been simply ripped, is against the rules.

Submitting a REMIX of an original Audio theme is acceptable.

Please also be aware that because you uploaded an Audio Submissions that violates one more more rules, you risk being banned and risk your Newgrounds Account termination.

Please do not submit any more unoriginal Audio files to Newgrounds.

> Nez Man.

Great. This Should Be Developed Into A Full Song.

You said in your Author Comments that you were 'just playing about'.

Well, I think that you should pursue this little song clip into a full song. I can just imagine the end of this song clip leading off into the rest of a 3 minute song.

Please build upon this, as it could turn out to be a really great full song.
You have done really well so far, so my advice is to not discontinue this.

> Nez Man

Welcome to my profile; thanks for stopping by! I'm an Autistic, self-employed, home-based artist with an affinity for finely detailed pen drawings, however I like working with other mediums too. Additionally, I'm rather fond of photography.

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