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I found all of the Artist's Madness shorts and clips were good, especially on the last one, where that guy fought from the same spot, then he moved!

The collaboration layout itself was good and I liked the fact you included extras and links to the Artist's N.G. Space. Great work.

One thing though, if you press F11 once the main movie has started, the looped music is muted. Leaving only the sound effects. Interesting, not sure if that was deliberate or not. If you replay the main movie again the music is not muted, unless you press F11 of course.

Overall: Great collaboration. Looking forward to Madness Neurosis 2! :-)

YK-Blaze responds:

thanks! madness neurosis 2 will be out in september 18

Very Good!

That was a very good Animation, and 95 kills is certainly an achievement. I agree with Hysteria98, the Hank bit was funny. There were only two things that bugged me:

1. The border was off-line slightly with the animation screen.
2. It was a little too fast, I think you could do with reducing the F.P.S. and/or use more frames themselves.

Apart from that, it was great! I'm looking forward to the sequel. :-)

I submitted this Submission to the Madness Series and also the Ultra Violent Section on Newgrounds.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Kewl, thanks man. Check out my userpage to see the first 8 seconds of my next movie!

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manhuntkl, I have the same issue.

Yeah, whoever made this masterpiece could do with fixing this problem: nothing happens if you click Shading in Arty. :-)

Apart from that, it's great! :-D

Depredation responds:

Fixed, hopefully :). Thank you for the glitch issue, i might no thave spotted it :).


There's a fault in your game. I won a battle, and it said I lost. Apart form that, it was good.

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You said in your Author Comments that you were "just playing about".

Well, I think that you should pursue this little song clip into a full song. I can just imagine the end of this song clip leading off into the rest of a 3 minute song.

Please build upon this, as it could turn out to be a really great full song. You have done really well so far, so my advice is to not discontinue this. Up to you, though. :-)

Great piano remix! :-D

Not sure about it being in the Video Game category, though. ;-)

Hi! I hope that you are doing well; thanks for checking me and my profile out! I'm a self-employed artist, photographer and merch seller. I also do various audio and video editing. An Autistic man who is incompatible with traditional jobs. Anti-woke.

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