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Sonic 5 Fan Game: 03 November 2018 Update

Posted by Nez-Man - November 3rd, 2018


Hi everyone.  :-)

While there have been no significant news posts for this project since September 2016, I am happy to say that my Sonic 5 Fan Game is very much still alive and in development!

2017 and 2018 have been busy and mixed years for me, full of ups and downs (and all arounds), so that is a big part of why there have not been any updates on this project.

Because of the various different things going on in my life during the past year and a half, I haven't had as much time to dedicate to this game. Due to this, there also has not been a substantial enough amount of work done on aspects of the project which I can create news posts for.

Nevertheless, work has still been progressing nicely on this game, albeit at a slower pace. Recently, life has been less stressful, and I have been better focused as a result.

I cannot state with certainty when I will definitely provide another substantial news post for this game, however I would like to get at least one update out before 2019.

My main focus in 2018 has been to get myself back into my creative endeavours via my art, and I made it my goal to get into a consistent art creation and upload routine.

Alongside my art, however, I want to also keep people informed about this game from time to time. I will not promise frequent updates, but I will try to get news posts for this project out at least once every 6 months. That's not a great deal of content about this game, I know, but this project is still in its alpha stage of development.

Some fundamental aspects of this game are still being changed, and some decisions at a core level are currently in the process of being finalised.

I'd rather refrain from hastily posting information that may quickly end up being outdated or inaccurate, and instead wait until I am confident that a news post contains information which is - at least mostly - set in stone.

Of course, things are bound to change throughout the entirety of game development, which is totally fine. I just want to avoid rushing to post information willy-nilly.

Hopefully I will be sharing some more new information for you all about my Sonic 5 Fan Game some time soon-ish.

Naean Howlett-Foster.  :-)