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New Madness Combat Resources Section: Sound Effect Packs

Posted by Nez-Man - January 10th, 2020

After roughly 2 years of delay, I am happy to finally announce that my Madness Combat Resources page now has a new Sound Effect Packs section! :-D

What Is This New Section?

As the name implies, this new section will contain a variety of sound effects from various Madness Combat games/animations.

As of making this post, I've only got 1 pack uploaded. However, I have 13 other FLA files to record sound effects from, so there will definitely be more coming in future. Furthermore, the currently uploaded pack contains 123 sound effects, so hopefully this will tide people over until future packs are uploaded. :-)

Also, there are new FLA sprites files pending upload, and they will be added to Madness Combat Resources in future, so stay tuned for them too!

Why The 2 Year Delay To Launch This?

There are 2 main reasons why it took me so long to launch this new section after its first announcement:

1 - Busy Personal Life And Prioritising Other Work

Simply put, I wanted to take a long break from other stuff online get a substantial amount of self-employment work done. This includes uploading many art pieces and photographs, adding lots of those images onto my merchandise stores, redesigning and restructuring a substantial amount of my website to incorporate my art, photo and merch work, etcetera.

Truth is, when I launched Madness Combat Resources way back in 2007, my life was very different. I was still a teenager in education, so I had a lot more spare time to work on things like Madness Combat Resources. Nowadays though, I'm a self-employed adult, so my priorities have shifted significantly, and I hope that people can understand this.

I never intended to 'abandon' updates to Madness Combat Resources, and I fully appreciate that it's a notable point of interest and downloads for Madness Combat animators and fans in general.

The popularity of Madness Combat Resources can't and shouldn't be credited to me though, at least not primarily. The bulk of credit will always go to Matt "Krinkels" Jolly and his fantastic Madness Combat series, as well as all of the associated music artists, plus all of the sprite and audio rippers, the sound effect creators and Adobe's/Macromedia's Flash and Animate software. Madness Combat Resources would not be able to exist without all of those peoples' work, so massive credits and thanks to all of them.

Additionally, I would like to send an extra special thank you to Krinkels for allowing Madness Combat Resources to exist, as it's almost certainly a legal grey area. As I've maintained for years, the intention is never to infringe on his or his creation's rights, rather to provide official sounds and graphics for animators to utilise and have fun with. (Similar to websites like The Spriters Resource, I suppose.)

2 - Trials And Tribulations Of Audio Capture

Towards the end of 2019, I tried several times to find a working method to bulk extract or export sound effects from FLA files in a quick manner, without the need for lengthy manual work. I would soon find out that such a straightforward option unfortunately doesn't seem to exist.

As it turns out, for whatever reason, Adobe decided to not include a native function in their Adobe Animate program which allows exporting of sounds from FLA files. Thus, I went searching online for third-party solutions. After trying to use JoãoCésar's scripts to extract audio but to no avail, I seemingly have no other choice than to manually record sound effects with Fraps, then edit out and render each sound effect individually using VEGAS Pro.

It's a painstakingly long-winded way to give you all sound effect packs, but I'm willing to do it nonetheless, it just takes a big chunk of time to do. It's a classic case of "easy yet tedious". I would like to extend many thanks to JoãoCésar for repeatedly trying to help me with this issue, even if his efforts didn't work on my computer. :-3

I want to apologise so much for the hefty delay on getting the Sound Effect Packs section started, but I hope that this post will help you to understand the circumstances which led to the 2 year delay.

Cheers for your patience, and thank you for reading! :-D


Comments (2)

i am happy u are back :D

Thank you! :-D

I've been active on Newgrounds for ages, and I'm still active on Newgrounds today, I just don't get as much time nowadays to devote to Madness Combat Resources. :-)

Can you add Madness Combat 11?
I need the first part where the red guy jumps that power up sound