New Art Merchandise!

2018-03-24 00:18:28 by Nez-Man



My art piece “All-seeing Tassles Totem.” is in my merch' stores.  :-D

Available on bags, apparel, wall art, stationery, home decor, cases and skins!  :-)

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Ace Discord Conversation

2018-03-22 21:08:17 by Nez-Man

Had a great conversation with @Joshikaii on @Jesus_HMetal‘s Discord server the other day, and thought that it would be cool to share it with others. Was quite inspiring to me. Cheers again for the chat!  :-D

Additional tidbit for clarification: I don’t claim to be an expert on analysis or anything like that, I just really like thinking in-depth about stuff, that’s all.  ^o^





Scattered Sources.

2018-03-19 16:49:33 by Nez-Man

Scattered Sources.

A drawing that I have done on an individual A5 sheet.

Blue BIC médium pen ink on card.


○ Scattered Sources.


○ Start Date: 15/02/2018
○ Continue Date: 20/02/2018
○ Finish Date: 15/03/2018

The Molten-Mechanical Clash.

2018-03-18 16:07:52 by Nez-Man

The Molten-Mechanical Clash.

A drawing that I have done on page 6 in my Daler-Rowney A4 Optima Spiral Pad.

The overall idea of the rocky fire is inspired by the Lava Reef Zone Act 1 level, however the fine details of the molten magma is inspired by the finely detailed foliage ground in the Mushroom Hill Zone level, both from the Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive) video game.

The lazer gun is inspired by the Railgun weapon from the Grand Theft Auto V (Microsoft Windows/Microsoft Xbox One/Sony PlayStation 4) video game.

Blue BIC médium pen ink on cartridge paper.


○ The Molten-Mechanical Clash.


○ Start Date: 01/10/2017
○ Continue Date 1: 02/10/2017
○ Continue Date 2: 03/10/2017
○ Continue Date 3: 13/11/2017
○ Continue Date 4: 24/11/2017
○ Continue Date 5: 07/12/2017
○ Continue Date 6: 08/12/2017
○ Continue Date 7: 09/12/2017
○ Continue Date 8: 10/12/2017
○ Continue Date 9: 11/12/2017
○ Continue Date 10: 12/12/2017
○ Continue Date 11: 13/12/2017
○ Continue Date 12: 14/12/2017
○ Continue Date 13: 15/12/2017
○ Continue Date 14: 16/12/2017
○ Continue Date 15: 17/12/2017
○ Continue Date 16: 18/12/2017
○ Continue Date 17: 19/12/2017
○ Continue Date 18: 20/12/2017
○ Continue Date 19: 21/12/2017
○ Continue Date 20: 22/12/2017
○ Continue Date 21: 23/12/2017
○ Continue Date 22: 24/12/2017
○ Finish Date: 25/12/2017


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Madness Combat Resources

2007-09-23 13:08:50 by Nez-Man

Madness Combat Resources

Brief History Of Madness Combat Resources

Simply put, I started Madness Combat Resources because I saw many people having trouble finding a well organised, neatly laid out collection of Madness Combat sprite downloads.
So I thought, "Why don't I organise a collection myself?", and that's what I did.

Madness Combat Resources was originally hosted right here on this Newgrounds news post, and stayed on here for quite a long time, from 23rd September 2007 to 29th April 2010.

My website, Nez Tech, allows for a lot more flexibility and customisation. Thus, on 30th April 2010, to coincide with my 18th birthday, everything here was migrated from Newgrounds to Nez Tech. This really helped me to re-imagine Madness Combat Resources with a much more professional, polished design.

As such, Nez Tech is now where Madness Combat Resources is hosted and updated.

Never forget about Madness Combat's fantastic author: Matt "Krinkels" Jolly!

08/04/2017 - Madness Combat Resources: Website Page U.R.L. Change

Due to a re-design of my website, the U.R.L.s for some of the pages on there have been changed. This includes the U.R.L. for the Madness Combat Resources page.

The old U.R.L. is no longer valid.

The new U.R.L. is You may want to update your internet browser favourites/bookmarks, and links elsewhere, to reflect this change.  :-)

12/04/2017 - New Way To Add Madness Combat Files

As of now, new file additions to Madness Combat Resources are no longer accepted through things such as comments and private messages.

Instead, please use the File Submission Form in the Contribute Files section of the Madness Combat Resources page on my website. Thanks!  ;-)

01/05/2017 - Madness Combat Live Chat On My Website

Chat live about the Madness Combat series with other people in the Madness Combat chat chamber.

04/10/2017 - Alternative Method To Download Madness Combat Files

You should be able to access the Madness Combat Resources files and folders directly through MediaFire, via the following link:

If you are having problems accessing my website, you may wish to try using the link above. Unfortunately, sometimes my website may be inaccessible due to website host downtime/maintainence periods, etcetera.
Sorry for any and all inconveniences caused when such issues arise!  :-)

26/12/2017 - File Submission Expansion Coming In 2018

Madness Combat Resources is going to be updated in future, and include a dedicated Sound Effect Packs section. This will happen at some point in 2018.

Unfortunately, I cannot be more specific about when this will be done. I have some other things in my life which also require some of my attention, especially starting next year.