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Hi, it's Naean here. I hope that you are doing well; thanks for checking me and my profile out! I'm a self-employed artist, photographer and merch seller. I also do various audio and video editing. An Autistic man who is incompatible with traditional jobs

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Thanks sir !!


No problem! My pleasure, NeoSoviet!

Thank you for the comment!



Also, where did you get MC8, it's not even out yet!

I got the Madness Combat 8: Inundation Sprites from tasers.

Two of those are mine.

The Madness Combat 4 Sprite Sheet is yours, but I can't find you in the Credits for the other Madness Combat Sprite Sheets.

The Madness Combat 5 sheet is also mine. I didn't put my credits there.

I have added to this News Entry that you should be Credited for the Madness Combat 5 Sprites.

Thank you for letting me know!

thanks 4 teh favorites add! u r ftw.

You're most welcome!

I'm for the win (FTW.)? Cool.

Thanks for the links. Can you find one so I could download the gunsounds?

There are sounds in the M.C.4 Sprites Library and some of the other Sprite Files. However, if you want more Sounds, I have added a Link to a very large Madness Sound Pack!

Click away!

Thanks, I eventually found it under the "view all downloads link". Do you know a place to find a Crap, Garbage, etc. and Leisurely Ragtime spritesheet?

Yeah, I do.

There are some right here! Provided by you yourself L.O.L.!

I can't Download it T_T,can you talk with Tazers for able the download, because i got an error when i was downloading it

Hello MapleMadness.

Which Download is it that you had trouble with downloading?

it is easy to get sprites by yourself...all you need is the swf and a decompiler :P you even get the fla. with action script and everything :D

Yup, if that floats your boat (or Flash file)!

I am new to this stuff so.... Can you kindly tell me how to get these sprite downloads to work? Because every time It finishes downloading and I press open, it just takes me back to the same sprite download :/ Please give me instructions.

Hello, Eidrog.

Step 1: Once you have clicked on your desired resource, wait for the Download page to load up.

Step 2: Once the Download page has loaded up, click the Download Now button, then select the relevant option to save the file to your computer (Downloads work differently on different Web Browsers).

If you are having issues downloading one or more of these resources, send me a Newgrounds PM with your exact problem, and I'll see if I can help you out.

Thanks man, I forwarded one of my friends here already.

No problem!

Oh, and thanks to you for forwarding your friend here! Much appreciated!


Well, I'm. . . . . flattered? Thanks for the compliment! You MUST be happy with these Madness Resources, eh?

Thank you for commenting!

hey, you have the leisure ragtime sprites?

Nope. All of you may want to note that:

Any Madness or Madness related Sprites I find go here, right on this page, as stated in Note #2.

So to check if I have any new ones, pay this News Post a regular visit.

Hey is there a soundpack that you could sue on Macromedia Flash 8, the soundpack there would'nt work for mine???

I think you mean 'use' not 'sue'. Ha ha, at first I thought you were either suing me for encouraging Sprites, or you were asking if there was a Soundpack that could sue Macromedia Flash 8!

Anyway, the link 'Madness Combat Soundpack' is linked to a File Download that is compressed as a .rar file. To extract the audio files compressed within the 'soundpack.rar' compressed folder, you must have at least one program on your computer that has he ability to extract data from .rar compressed folders.
The most popular program that the majority of people use to extract .rar compressed folders is called WinRar. It is free to download, but requires you to buy a license to be able to use it on one computer forever. I believe WinRar has a 40 Day Trail Period before it locks up and requires a license.

If you are unable to extract the data from the sounpack.rar compressed folder, There is a .fla link above called 'Madness Combat 7 Sounds' that links to a .fla download. f you download that .fla, the sounds are in the Library panel in the Madness Combat 7 Sounds Flash file. There are not many sounds compared to the sounpack.rar download, but there is still a good selection of audio.

Oh, and no, I have not found any more Sound File Downloads than those 2 listed above.
Please read and remember Note #2 in my News Post. Thanks!

I hope that the information and help above is of use to you.

If you have any other problems, questions or comments, please feel free to leave a message here or P.M. me, although it's much easier to just leave a message here.

very cool, im fan of krinkels, and ive even encountered him!


I'm a fan of Krinkels and his work too.

Thank you for the comment! Have fun and enjoy!

I would have accepted this as a comic for Neurosis 3 lolol

Really? Thanks! I thought it might be funny as I saw the black mask in a Sprite Sheet and got my idea from there.

Good luck on Neurosis 4!

You know, Tazers does have a NG account, except that the "z" is an "s," so it's spelled "tasers." Btw, why not also also spread the news about MC1-3 sheets. There are some out there, I'm sure of it. I've downloaded before and even made some myself. Also, do you have a decompiler? 'Cuz if you do, then you might also be able to make some awesome spritesheets yourself.

Hello, MisterRandomPerson!

#1: Thank you for reminding me! I have updated my News Post, which now links to tasers's Newgrounds Space.

#2: I WOULD spread the word about Madness Combat 1 to 3 Sprites, IF I could find some. You're right though - there are probably several Sprite Sheets of these Episodes out there, it's just about where you look.

#3: No, I do not have any decompilers whatsoever. The only decompiler I have is WinRAR, which can hardly be used for Macromedia Flash!

Thank you for leaving a comment!


Once again, I am flattered. You are the second person to "LOVE" me for these Sprites, but hey, thank you for the positive comment! You're very welcome!

Enjoy the Madness Combat Resources!

FYI: The MC5 sheet I made was provided only by myself. Tazers did not take any part in making it. Btw, the amount of files that I've uploaded had a very large increase ever since you posted them here, lol.

#1: Thanks for letting me know, I have corrected the News Post.

#2: L.O.L. really? Cool. Well if you have any more Sprite Sheets, or any Sounds, please let me know!

Thanks for the comments, information and of course, thank you for the Sprites!

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